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Handbook Of Linear & Partial Differential Equations : Methods & Applications The purpose of this book is to introduce the latest developments and techniques in the field. The goal is to provide an understandable working knowledge of the latest developments with a minimum of mathematical proofs. A partial differential equation is an equation that involves an unknown function and its partial derivatives. The order of the highest derivative defines the order of the equation. The equation is called linear if the unknown function only appears in a linear form. The course provides students with the basic analytical and computational tools of linear partial differential equations for practical applications in science and engineering. Finally, the equation is homogeneous if every term involves the unknown function or its partial derivatives and inhomogeneous if it does not. It is intended that the book  is both enlightening and instructional. Each chapter in this volume contains an up-to-date description of a new development or technique and is often written by those who originally proposed the model or contributed substantially to its development. The decision regarding the selection and the organization of the chapters for this book is  quite challenging. ________________________________________________________________   AUTOR:  Frank Germany PÁGINAS:  280 EDITORA:  Auris Reference IDIOMA:  Inglês ENCADERNAÇÃO:  Encadernado EDIÇÃO:  2012 ISBN:  9781781540886 DISPONIBILIDADE  DO  PRODUTO:  Sob Encomenda  -  Até  40  dias  ( Importação )

Handbook Of Linear & Partial Differential Equations : Method

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