The four forms of iron and manganese commonly found in drinking water are ferrous, ferric, organic and iron bacteria. Normally, water appears clear when first drawn from the cold water faucet. If it is not, it may contain ferric iron or organic iron. Both colour the water. Ferric iron precipitates or settles out. Organic iron does not settle out. In well water, insoluble iron oxide is converted to a soluble form of ferrous (dissolved) iron. Ferrous iron is colourless, but when in contact with air, it oxidizes readily, creating reddish- brown, solid particles that then settle out as ferric oxide. Manganese is similar to iron but forms a brownish-black precipitate and stains. Manganese is less commonly found in groundwater than iron, rarely found alone in a water source, and generally found with dissolved iron. The objective of this book is first to evaluate the occurrence, chemistry, and treatment methods associated with iron and manganese in ground and surface waters. Building upon these findings, a further goal was to study problems associated with these minerals in specific water distribution systems. This book will be of interest to water utility practitioners, health agencies and policy makers, as well as students on civil engineering and environmental engineering courses. _________________________________________________________________ AUTOR:  Ronaldinho, Diego PÁGINAS:  304 EDITORA:  Auris Reference IDIOMA:  Inglês ENCADERNAÇÃO:  Encadernado EDIÇÃO:  2013 ISBN:  9781781543139 DISPONIBILIDADE  DO  PRODUTO:  Sob Encomenda  -  Até  40 dias  ( Importação )


Control Of Iron And Manganese In Drinking Water


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